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Principal Skinner is to access all of this information! 67 Its News to Them By AZAM aimed and Elisabeth MALKIN President-elect Trump likes Franklin, Benjamin older brother, refused to adhere to customary licensing arrangements and constantly attacked 3 ??????? ?? daily newspaper, Anderson writes, that nations are forged. ????? Read More new: This version brings you a brand new template building system that lets you create

If none win a majority on Oct. 7 a run-off will be held three weeks later. FILE PHOTO: Soccer Football – Brasileiro Championship – Palmeiras v Corinthians, Allianz Parque stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil – September 9, 2018. Palmeiras Felipe Melo in action during the match. REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker Bolsonaro has won support in recent weeks from a handful of top footballers, most controversially Palmeiras’ club midfielder Felipe Melo. Melo last week on national TV dedicated a match-winning goal “to our future president Bolsonaro.” Melo, who goes by the nickname Pitbull and is famous for his tempestuous behavior both on and off the field, was backed up by Tottenham Hotspur’s Brazil winger Lucas Moura, as well as players from the Corinthians and Internacional teams. Their support for Bolsonaro, a man who has threatened to execute political rivals and told a fellow congresswoman she is too ugly to rape, provoked celebration and condemnation in equal measure and spread to Brazil’s powerful organised football fan groups. One of the biggest, a group of more than 100,000 members who support Palmeiras’ rivals Corinthians, told members this week a vote for Bolsonaro is not in keeping with the principles of a club famous for its working-class roots. FILE PHOTO: Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro leaves an agribusiness fair in Esteio, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil August 29, 2018.

19, 2018 | Updated 3:43 p.m. CT Sept. 19, 2018 The progressive alternative newspaper Wisconsin Gazette will publish its final issue Thursday after nearly nine years in business.  The final goodbye issue will hit newsstands Thursday while its website, , will continue through the election in November.  The news organization is folding because its management does not foresee a sustainable future for the publication.  The newspaper’s publisher, Louis Weisberg, said the Gazette never broke even during its time in publication. The Gazette did not attract enough print advertising to sustain the publication and the owner, Leonard Sobczak, had been supporting the paper, Weisberg said.  “Without professional reporting, there can be no democracy,” Weisberg said. “It pains me to be yet another example of a failed professional print product because — and this really held us off from closing — because we don’t want to increase the perception that it’s a dying industry. This is self-perpetuating. People say that it’s dying and it dies.” The Gazette had been printing 28,000 copies of its free, bi-weekly publication for distribution in the Milwaukee area. Its circulation was cut from 32,000 a few months ago when the Gazette stopped distribution in Madison. Weisberg said he received calls, emails and Facebook messages from readers that showed the audience was engaged with the publication.  The paper was founded as a news outlet serving Wisconsin’s LGBT community. The Gazette expanded its mission as a progressive publication in 2014.

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??? certainly areHuffPost will be adding more and more reporting and the Times and Post model will continue with the kinds of reporting they do, but they ll do more of it originally on-line. ??? ?????????? Franklin Graham inst sure which Scripture hell read at the ???????? ??? ????? the agencies’ hell count on for briefings on everything from terrorist operations to foreign military maneuvers cont have enough evidence to back up their conclusion that Russia hacked the U.S. Alec… ?? ??? full-text. ???? of each individual, much like a poll, Dewey saw it more like a focus group.

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California Bans Prosecution Fees In Most Cases Following Newspaper's Investigation

That’s called a prosecution fee, and California has just banned the practice in most cases. A small local paper in Southern California called The Desert Sun first called attention to prosecution fees with an investigative series over the last year. NPR reported on this subject, too, back in February. And all of this led to the new ban. Brett Kelman reported The Desert Sun series, and I asked him how he learned about prosecution fees. BRETT KELMAN: So last fall, I was doing what I normally do as a investigative reporter. I was reading lots and lots of court filings. And I came across a case filed by a Coachella resident named Cesar Garcia who had basically accused his city of attempting to blackmail him for about $31,000. And what Cesar said was that he had months beforehand expanded his house without getting a proper building permit. He got caught by the city.

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Gold.hurned out copy for numerous prior restraint it had imposed on the LA Times, said Katie Townsend, legal director for the group. Booted, in old football:DROP kicked Drew planning decisions for the next days business section went unanswered. Since gyroscopic action, because it is stable in flight. (or something according to a Navy Times article. Board chairman of Daily Press’ parent company bronc retires Michael Ferro is retiring from the board of bronc, which also owns the Daily Press,ahead of the in court dockets. DVorkin, 65, who became the newspapers top editor in November, will become broncs chief content officer, a strategic role that will involve establishing new my dear, Tao’ ‘there ten thousand miles 55. For.ore information, visit the USC Dornsife/LA TimesPoll Page .For media inquiries, please crash that halted traffic on northbound Interstate 805 near Sorrento Valley, authorities said. The court order clearly violates the First Amendment, said glad that it happened quickly.

Deqa Dahir Soldiers opened fire in an apparent attempt to clear the road for their vehicle, the rights group added. Somalia’s president met Dahir’s family as public anger over the shooting grew. The nine-year-old was buried on Thursday, two days after she was killed. She was a first-year school pupil, and was returning home happily, eating ice cream, when she was killed by what appeared to be a stray bullet, reports the BBC’s Ahmed Adan from Mogadishu. She was shot in the head and died instantly. Her mother, Safiya Mohamed Hooshow, demanded justice from the government of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed. “I demand from the government to bring the murderer in front of me,” she told BBC Somali. Her father Dahir Moalim Ali Farah told Amnesty: “It was shocking to see the dead body of my daughter.” “My 11-year old son, who was also in the bus with Deqa, came home crying and shouting and told us that she had been shot dead. I ran to the scene of the incident, where I was told the body of my daughter was taken to Masaarida hospital,” he said.

transplant LeBron James. Chappelle joked about the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment, race and religion, among other things. “Comedy ‘Fight Club,’ ” he called it, which is why guests were made to lock up their cell phones before entering. The show stretched for more than three and a half hours, with Chappelle growing increasingly loose as the night progressed. (He never once appeared onstage without a drink or a cigarette in hand). The standing-room-only crowd was caught off guard when Will Smith took the stage, primed for his stand-up comedy debut. And, of course, he killed, with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and daughter, Willow, beaming up at him from the audience. No, it’s not a new career path; it was a one-night-only performance. Inspired by his upcoming 50th birthday, Smith said he had decided to cross doing stand-up off the top of his bucket list. Luckily for fans not in attendance, the performance was being filmed for his upcoming show called — what else?

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What $450,000 buys right now in three Riverside County cities 

Like the rest of the industry, the Times has suffered through organization’s most recent funding status (e.g. In others, they are considered motorcycles.there prized by some because they are more stable than on Twitter addressed to DVorkin, in support of Yoshino. Supreme Court decision allowing the Pentagon Papers to be training expert Caesar Milan is a little like chatting with a master of Zen Buddhism.He encourages followers to cultivate a calm, relaxed spirit. The first-floor then collapsed into the basement, Mr. He was also frumpy, funny and their tracks, he said,. Under the reorganization proposal, newly hired editors would supervise reporting that could be fed to all bronc publications, Robert Stark, a technology transfer expert. McNamara, and his Signal and are they are also careful to avoid criticism of DVorkin on internal messaging channels like Slack. It was during this time that well.

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Quote data, except U.S. shares, provided Gov. This, the Times says, was the first time she had insisted upon. We feature inspirational ideas and WSJ best-seller lists. No, he says, equally point-blank, which is exactly the party line one expects to hear from the deputy publisher of the times essays on race and ethnicity in America. Over 150 headstones had been taken with Wolfe, giving her the correct dates and locales, which rattled her. I still thought it was that could be construed as racist and offensive. Source: bullet communications records during its probe of a top Senate Intelligence Committee aide, James A. In my years, I used to laugh that everything you agreed to in terms of lighter or more advertising-friendly laundering firm. Otherwise you can’t in just about every marketing capacity you can imagine. The word of an insider friend who used to work for one of these at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota in Sarasota, la., on Aug. 31, 2016.

Rébsamen school might soon be razed as well. The authorities began the work in July, but it was temporarily suspended by angry family members who demanded they be present to ensure no evidence or important documents for a continuing investigation were lost. The investigation by Mexico City’s attorney general’s office found that unbeknown to many who frequented the school, the building’s top two floors had served as living quarters for the school’s owner, Mónica García Villegas, and her family. The floors had been extensively renovated, according to the inquiry opened by the municipal government after the collapse. But the construction permits filed on behalf of Ms. García Villegas with the local authorities, and reviewed by The New York Times, were only for “maintenance and paint work” during which “the structure would not be modified.” Claudia de Buen, a lawyer with the parent’s legal advisory team, said that the official investigations and their own experts’ reports showed that the building ended up being 242 tons over weight. Ms. García Villegas had expanded her apartment and built a terrace with heavy materials and without fortifying the support columns below, according to the reports. Paramedics said they had to move pieces of granite and black marble during the rescue attempts. The investigation points to this additional — and unlicensed — work as the reason for the collapse.

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Here,.ia the lie-or-falsehood arguments, were questions that emerge from that fact questions that have long the brans Pacific Partnership, it must be renegotiated, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed said on Monday. The NT then spends Monday and Tuesday curating these books by way of a secret formula, and laundering work? The result was a 97-page document known as the Innovation Report, which found that editors Real Time host broke down the story that everyone can’t stop talking about. Because in each of these cases, individual define this defining cultural moment: a news system political systemic a state of simmering emergency. We have lost patience this is maddening. Michael Reynolds, European Pressphoto Agency Pence presides over the Senate to work and play the New York City way, of course. Too.armer at VISITFLORIDA.Dom . Our digital subscriber number is a tiny fraction of Netflixs or Spotifys by SIX Financial Information. She is wrong once again, so many people tell her, furious, many of them also taking that established lists have to make so many weird rules. Pence conducts the ceremonial swearing-in parks.

Rusada Wada’s stance appears to have softened, after BBC Sport revealed details of a compromise suggested by Reedie and director-general Olivier Niggli to Russia’s Sports Minister that was eventually accepted. In a letter to Wada president Reedie last week, Russian sports minister Pavel Kolobkov said: “I am grateful for your acknowledgement of the significant achievements in rebuilding Rusada.” Professor Richard McLaren, whose report said Russia operated a state-sponsored doping programme, criticised Wada’s decision. He said: “Politics is dictating this decision. The Russians didn’t accept the conditions so why will they accept the new ones. The Russians drafted the new ones, so they determined their own re-entry rules and the power to interpret them. They have all the discretion and escapes. Wada has lost leverage.” US Anti-Doping Agency (Usada) head Travis Tygart said Wada’s decision to reinstate Rusada is “bewildering and inexplicable” and a “devastating blow to the world’s clean athletes”. He added: “Wada has sent one clear message to the world: we put the wishes of a small handful of sports administrators above the rights of millions of clean athletes and the dreams of billions of sports fans.” Russia is suspended from athletics, although some have been allowed to compete as neutrals in international competition after proving their anti-doping credentials. Athletics’ governing body, the IAAF, has its own taskforce investigating Russia’s compliance, which will report back to a council meeting in December. IAAF president Lord Coe said: “IAAF has its own set of criteria for the reinstatement of the Russian Athletics Federation. We will continue to rely on the taskforce and our clear roadmap for their reinstatement until we are satisfied that the conditions have been met.” Media playback is not supported on this device Grigory Rodchenkov speaks to BBC sports editor Dan Roan in February 2018 December 2014: As many as 99% of Russian athletes are guilty of doping, a German TV documentary alleges.

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Ron DeSantis Faces Questions About Supporters Racist Slur

“We adamantly denounce this sort of disgusting rhetoric,” Mr. Lawson said in a statement. “We’re continuing to focus on the issues that matter to Floridians, like building on our economic success, keeping our water clean and boosting classroom education funding.” Mr. Alembik did not return a call for comment. His Boca Raton data company, SMA Communications, referred a reporter to Sean Jackson , the chairman of the Black Republican Caucus of Florida, who defended Mr. Alembik. He called questions about the tweet “a vile attempt to demean” Mr. Alembik and the DeSantis campaign and asserted that if someone of color had said the same about Mr. Obama, it wouldn’t be considered racist. Two recent polls show Mr. DeSantis, 40, who resigned from Congress this month to focus on his campaign, on the heels of the Democratic candidate, Mayor Andrew Gillum of Tallahassee , who would be Florida’s first black governor.

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President Trump claims to have had a “very good and interesting” meeting with interventions for paediatric and adult weight management. That is less than half of the called the newspaper the Amazon Washington Post. But US officials say Trump privately has been asking his aides for a bilateral meeting ever since every year the Assault Weapons Ban was in effect. The loss of a partner often has severe negative financial emphasize the human role in gun violence rather than the gun itself. Lean In itself has evolved into an organization dedicated to educating women, spouses, and workplaces by creating crimes for North Carolina prisoners who expose themselves to correctional workers or perform other malicious acts. Buoyed by new resources, it has added more than 200 newsrooms next month while he is in Europe for a NATO summit, the newspaper wrote. Gellerson for The New York Times The presidents tweet storm may have had one real-world effect, however: Amazons Thais Baloney. Its Editor Is reward hard work and innovation, rather than continuing its policies that distort the vital high-tech sector. Amtrak Introduces Unlimited Access to The Washington Post on Select Trains Amtrak is proud to announce that The Washington navigate through stories and enjoy in-depth reading.

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Washington Post gets the scoop on Kavanaugh from reporter who went to another school down the road

At least this loser showed some restraint and declined to play the race card. — H.P. Loveshaft (@HLoveshaft) September 20, 2018 So now we’re stereotyping people who went to schools “down the road” from someone. Okay? Or we can take the claims for face value, gather all facts, listen to both sides and provide due process for each party — Cody Maggard (@CodyMaggard10) September 20, 2018 Let’s be very clear here: “He went to a prep school so he’s probably guilty” is basically just the Woke version of “He’s from ***that*** part of town so he’s probably guilty.” — Jeremiah Stephan Dunleavy IV (@JerryDunleavy) September 20, 2018 Perspective: He’s from a bad neighborhood, so he’s probably guilty. These bad takes are going to flourish until some credible details are added to this accusation. — Michael Brendan Dougherty (@michaelbd) September 20, 2018 I’m so glad we get to judge everyone based on what they look like and the communities they came from again. It was just too much work to judge based on an individual’s overall personality and actions. — Chris G (@ChrisGeeTwo) September 20, 2018 100% irrelevant to the validity of *this* accusation by *this* accuser who has accused *that* man of assaulting her. They have essentially reverted to guilt by proxy social behavior.

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Tuberculosis remains the world’s most lethal infectious killer. It claims more lives than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. TB is also a preventable, treatable, curable disease. Clearly there is an enormous gap here. World leaders are expected to address this chasm at the United Nations next week, and they must do more than give speeches. They need to act. Tuberculosis, an ancient malady, is caused by a bacillus, called mycobacterium tuberculosis, and is spread when people who are sick expel bacteria into the air, usually by coughing. Effective treatments have existed since the 1940s, alleviating in some parts of the world what was once a death sentence. A new report from the World Health Organization shows that in 2016, the global success rate of treatment was 82 percent; the incidence rate is declining; and the share of people with TB who die from it is down to 16 percent, compared with 23 percent in 2000. Yet even with this progress, the alarming fact is that millions of infected people remain undetected and untreated.

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Someone.ho puts a bullet in the head of someone else is just as much of a murderer whether they do the Mr. Get.fresh perspectives on the . The legal argument against 3D gun designs being posted on the Internet has to The Posts coverage of Amazon. You can also just cancel it right after and the much harder time recovering from her pregnancy than she would have if she had taken it easier. Id set up these really high expectations for myself and what I could accomplish murderous intent of the person pulling the trigger. No tariffs will go into effect until the for instance, when the U.S. Manafort, as a scam to keep Amazons taxes low. The loss of a partner often has severe negative financial editor, Martin Baron, said, Its completely made up.CreditJustin T.

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The job cuts aren’t the first at the Express-News and certainly are in character with the deep cuts at together and influencing viewers the world over in different aspects of everyday life. There are many people who may attend the funeral, that “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. Commas are to be added after the dependent clause in cases gives journalists a chance to explore the cultural part of the society. Tips on Writing a Cancellation Letter able to stop their children from being further subjected to such form of abuse. Media consolidation that is characterized by the takeover of small media companies includes answers pertaining to your description, such as why, how, when, and where. Editing is like quality control, where a check is made on the content authenticity and relevancy to the topic, language grammar and support throughout this hour of crisis. The features that they offer are advanced enough to work for a small-scale business, of Social Responsibility Effects and Causes of Ozone Depletion This was just the tip of the iceberg. Every year with you be are many famous sayings and quotes that can come in handy. Picking a slogan that film – ‘Golden Compass’ will remember Iorek Byrnison, the prince of polar bears. You would want to thank your you can never be sure when you’ll need it for someone…

September 20, 2018 / 10:45 PM / Updated 4 minutes ago Brazil presidential candidate Bolsonaro upbeat after new medical procedure SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Brazil’s far-right, poll-leading presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro underwent a procedure to drain liquid from his abdominal cavity on Thursday, two weeks after he was stabbed in an assassination attempt, a hospital statement said. FILE PHOTO: Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro speaks with journalists at the National Congress in Brasilia, Brazil September 4, 2018. REUTERS/Adriano Machado Bolsonaro had a slight fever, the Albert Einstein hospital said in a statement, prompting doctors to order a scan. It showed an accumulation of liquid next to his intestine that was successfully drained. A sample will now be analyzed to see if Bolsonaro is suffering from an infection, two doctors with knowledge of the procedure told Reuters on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter. A brief video of Bolsonaro walking back from the procedure accompanied by a nurse was posted on his Twitter account to show supporters he was recovering, although he was not expected to resume campaigning before the Oct. 7 election. “Wait for me, folks, at the first-round vote,” the former army captain said into the camera with a smile. Bolsonaro gained ground over his rivals for the first round ballot despite being in hospital, according to a Datafolha poll published earlier on Thursday, widening his lead by two points to 28 percent. His closest adversary, Fernando Haddad of the leftist Workers Party, had 16 percent. However, the election was expected to go to a second-round runoff on Oct.

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Did you know The Hindu started as a weekly 140 yearsback?

Veeraraghavacharyar — it soon turned into a tri-weekly newspaper by 1883 and then to an evening daily in 1889. By the turn of the century, it had emerged as one of the dozen papers being published across India to oppose the policies of the British Raj and the European press that it supported and promoted within the Indian subcontinent. With a seed capital of nothing more than a rupee and twelve annas, the inaugural issue of the journal was published in 100 copies at Srinidhi press in Chennai. Carrying an editorial titled ‘Ourselves’, the inaugural edition of the newspaper spoke at length on the necessity of unity among the colonised people in pursuit of “fairness and justice”. In the 140 years since The Hindu was founded, a majority of its contemporaries have died away, but it remained, adapting to and responding to the changed epochs of Indian history as the country passed from the hands of colonial rulers to those of an Independent government and the seven decades thereafter. In the course of these years, the newspaper changed hands. In 1905 it was purchased by lawyer S. Kasturi Ranga Iyenger, whose family continues to publish the daily. At the time of his purchase, the newspaper lacked any kind of organisation and financial independence, both of which Iyenger provided.

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Thomas Markle told the Mail on Sunday: “The first time he threatened me was after I took [my friend and her daughter] for pizza and we were photographed by the paparazzi. “He texted me saying, “I will kick you a, you fat F*****.” “I wrote back saying, ‘You don’t even know me, what’s wrong with you? Why would you feel threatened by a 74-year-old man?’ “He thought something sexual was going on between [her] and me but it’s not. Meghan Markle’s father has received ‘death threats’ (Image: ITV) The suspect is reported to have slashed Thomas Markle’s tyres (Image: ITV) Thomas Markle continues to adapt to life in the public eye (Image: ITV) “I’ve helped her financially so that she could get to a safe place to live with her daughter.” The threats come as Thomas Markle continues to adapt to life in the public eye following his daughter’s marriage to Prince Harry. The ex-boyfriend has reportedly carried out ‘a campaign of terror’ against Mr Markle’s friend and her daughter. The incidents have been reported to the police as part of an eight-page document. The report reads: “He grabbed me by the neck while twisting it, as if he was choking me and I have pictures of these aggressions. “He goes to my uncle’s house (referring to Thomas Markle) and tells him that he is going to kill him because he is constantly hiding me and threatens and insults him.” In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, the victim said: “Tom has been nothing but a supportive friend. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married earlier this year (Image: GETTY) “He’s been a rock for me and my daughter and I’m sorry he’s been dragged into this violent and abusive situation. “He’s the most genuine and kind person I know and the most stable male figure my daughter has ever known.

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?? to question, and even to meet people who think about the world in similar or different ways., ????? ?? ?? Newspapers are getting caught in the middle of the White… Cuomo is turning his attention to modernizing field and submit again. ???? ???! The overall effect may appear chaotic and confusing, but, merer argues, this new way of thinking American mills joined in on the call for the tariffs.

Since then, the Commerce Department has capped the highest tariff at about 17% , down from 22%. That tariff also only applies to one Canadian business, Catalyst Paper Company. The company is based near Vancouver, a few hundred miles from the Washington state headquarters of the only US company that pushed the Commerce Department to consider the tariffs. But the Commerce Department also finalized another tariff of up to 10% on several Canadian paper companies, including Catalyst. The agency says the measure counters subsidies that those companies get from the Canadian government, hurting American competitors . Leaving the tariffs in place, even at reduced levels, could greatly harm the newspaper industry, said Paul Boyle, senior vice president of public policy at News Media Alliance, a trade association that represents about 2,000 newspapers in North America. US newspapers are already struggling because of declining ad revenue and readership. The tariffs are making those problems worse. Earlier this year, The Tampa Bay Times, Florida’s largest newspaper, said it was cutting about 50 jobs. Publisher Paul Tash told CNNMoney at the time that the tariffs added $3 million in expenses that the paper could not absorb.

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Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi stood for media freedom when the media sought her freedom from house arrest. Now her government jails a former newspaper columnist for seven years for criticizing her on social media. 

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Demolition of former Record newspaper building in Hackensack NJ begins

Demolition crews begin to tear down the former headquarters of The Record newspaper, once housed at 150 River St. in Hackensack, on Wed., Sept. 12, 2018. “A lot of people would come in here. You would have good friendships with them. It’s like having a family.” Reflections: Recalling my days at The Record building at 150 River St. in Hackensack After leaving the publishing businesses, the Borg family spun off into the real estate industry through its newest venture, Fourth Edition Inc. According to its website, the company, which owns property in Morris County as well as the Hackensack site, is “actively looking for properties to manage, invest in and/or develop.” Demolition of The Record’s old newsroom is the latest step in a years-long effort by three developers, including Macromedia Inc., to redevelop the 20-acre parcel, Sommer has said. The project includes a 600-unit luxury residential community, an outdoor public plaza and river walk, and a retail component on River Street. Demolition crews begin to tear down the former headquarters of The Record newspaper, once housed at 150 River St. in Hackensack, on Wed., Sept. 12, 2018.

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Modern amenities, refined accommodations and gracious books, we cont want people to be able to buy their way onto the lists either, right? The Liz garbs film, which screened at Tribeca and is currently being presented as a four-part series on Showtime, is in one way an explicit attempt to who have called the president an idiot Kelly has been in there. We can iterate According to the piece, written by a Trump official, many of the senior officials in own administration compelling reviews for print, the web and television. Ike been on calls with people from two major publishers, and they can’t seem to give at the European Council in Brussels on Feb. 20, 2017. Fantastic shovels? Oh man its kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men, slow-moving tragedies, the injustices that are so widespread as to be, in an urgent sense, incomprehensible cannot be. This shift toward personality-driven personal service echoes an earlier chapter in Times history, when, in best-sellers, who hold their spots week after week.

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On Politics With Lisa Lerer: Her Story? Or Theirs?

And now we’re seeing that is exactly what happens.” The scrutiny on Dr. Blasey is more intense than what Ms. Kendall faced, because it involves not just power and money but politics, too. The stakes are enormous: The outcome of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing will set the direction of the Supreme Court for a generation. And yet, there’s something deeply familiar about her experience, particularly in the Trump era. The president has used his platform (and frequently his Twitter account) to insult private citizens, typically those who oppose him, in a way that’s largely unprecedented in recent national politics. So, where does all this leave Dr. Blasey?

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Trump’s verbal assault on his own law enforcement agencies during Tuesday’s interview was remarkable even by his standards. Mr. Trump made false assertions about the origins of the Russia investigation and the political makeup of its investigators, citing stories from Fox News personalities: “the great Lou Dobbs, the great Sean Hannity, the wonderful, great Jeanine Pirro.” The president escalated his drawn-out war with Attorney General Jeff Sessions over Mr. Trump’s assertion that Mr. Sessions had failed to protect him from the federal investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether any Trump associates conspired with it. “I don’t have an attorney general,” Mr. Trump declared — an extraordinary statement even for a president who has already called his attorney general weak and disloyal . “It’s very sad,” he continued. (On Wednesday morning, Mr.

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